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At Supir we’re reimagining the way the Bus operators move people. To do that we had to reinvent the way the “job” works. 

A CDL is an in-demand skill and the compensation should be reflective of the market's present, not the market's past!


Gosupir.com allows bus drivers to create subscriptions out of their CDL by allowing companies to subscribe to the rights to their employment and time.


Our platform enables drivers like you to offer your employment to businesses as a subscription, based on the amount you choose.


Our app holds and divides your subscription revenue distributing it throughout the duration of your agreement to ensure that everyone gets a fair shake and the employer is protected. Within the first 24-48 hours, you receive 10% of your overall subscription revenue.

The remaining amount, whether it's a year's worth or a month's worth, is divided out over time and released after certain goals are met.


Here’s what some of those achievements may look like, not to mention there are literally hundreds of ways to earn more! 


1-week safe driving +$22
Perfect attendance + $4
Social Media Awareness and Promotion +$12
3 Month Anniversary $1000
Customer Compliment $500

You can get paid from your employer and Gosupir.com literally every week or in some cases every day!

This is on top of your regular income and wage!


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